Before the shoot FAQ
What time should I arrive?
Please arrive 5 minutes ahead of your appointment time. Our team will be ready to welcome your pawfect pet to the studio and get them settled in. As there will be booking before and after your time slot we cannot accommodate arrival time more than 15 minutes early or late.
Is there a size limit?
We can shoot pets up to a maximum weight of 60kg
Can I have more than one pet in the picture at the same time?
We cannot photography more than one pet per booking. Our equipment cannot shoot more than one animal at a time. If you have multiple pets please book additional sessions and we will talk to you about options to combine your furbabies in to one image in postproduction
Can I bring the whole family?
We can accommodate no more than 3 humans and 1 pet in the studio during the photo-shoot. This is to ensure that the pet is not distracted and our team can focus on their wellbeing during the shoot. Well behaved children are welcome to attend but to help us capture the best shots they will need to remain still and quite while the photos are being taken.
How should I prepare my dog before the shoot?
Please ensure that you dog is is looking their very best when they arrive to the studio. They need to be dry, clean and recently brushed. Please also ensure that you pet has had time to do their toileting before the shoot! Some humans find it better if they do not feed their doggy for a few hours before the appointment so that their furbaby reacts more willingly to treats.
Where is your photography studio?
Our studio is in the centre of Milton Keynes. 18 Heathfield, Stacey Bushes, Milton Keynes, MK12 6HP. 01908 227755
Is there parking at the studio?
Is there parking at the studio?
Will I be required to sign a disclaimer?
The owner attending the shoot must be over 18 and will be required to sign a legal disclaimer before the photoshoot can take place. We take time to settle every pet into the studio and always focus on their wellbeing and safety. They are not required to jump leap or perform. Equally there are no flashing lights to scare them.
During the shoot FAQ
What if my dog is scared of the camera?
The camera is hidden and triggered remotely. Some pets take longer than other to feel comfortable in the studio, but most enjoy the cuddles and treats after they have got used to their new surroundings. As long as they can stand and look down to eat a treat or react to a toy we will be able to capture Pawfect images of your best friend.
Is it safe?
The underdog technique and equipment has been specially developed with the safety and wellbeing of the dog at the centre of what we do. We will always take every possible health and safety precaution to ensure both you and your pets’ safety during the shoot. However, you will be required to sign a legal disclaimer prior to the shoot. Shot you visit the studio on time for your appointment and if for any reason you feel that you would rather not proceed with the shoot we will refund you shoot fee in full.
Can I film or take photos during the photo shoot?
The use of mobile phones, or cameras during the photo shoot is strictly prohibited. Anyone trying to take photos during the shoot will politely be asked to delete them or the shoot will need to be stopped with no recourse for a refund.
Pricing & Image Quality FAQ
Do I get all of the images from the shoot?
No. The images from the shoot need to be carefully edited by our postproduction team. Our cameras take upto 20 images per second so you can imagine some careful selection of the best images is required. The most amazing images from the shoot (normally between 2-10 images) will be edited ready for your private viewing appointment. These images can be purchased at our advertised prices. Each package contains one free print.
How long will it take to get my ordered images?
Digital download images will normally be available for download within 48hours of purchase. Prints and wall art usually take 2-4 weeks for delivery depending upon the time of year.
How do my images get delivered?
Digital images are delivered by an email download link. Wall art and prints are delivered to you home address
How much are your print prices?
Our print prices are available to see on our website. Voucher codes and special offers will vary from time to time and are subject to terms and conditions. Please like our social media pages to be kept up to date with our latest prices and special offers
What quality are your prints?
We use the very best commercial print lab partners to deliver your wall art and prints. They have been carefully selected based upon the quality of the inks and materials used together with their quality control processes. Images are captured during the shoot using the very best state of the art cameras and lenses to ensure that your images are of the very highest quality available.
Can I buy a gift voucher?
Yes we have a range of gift vouchers available. Please call us on 01908 227755 or purchase online
Who owns the copyright to the images?
The copyright of the images remains the property of Unique Underdog Ltd. Images purchased will be issued with a global personal usage image licence. On the disclaimer for you will be asked to indicate if you grant us permission to use you pets images for marketing or commercial purposes.
Booking, Payment and Timescale FAQ
How do I book a photo shoot?
Please call us on 01908 227755 or use our online booking form. Time slots are available by appointment only 7 days a week between 9.00am and 8.00pm
What if my dog has an off day?
On the very rare occasion that your dog has an off day and we are unable to capture any useable images we will offer you a 25% refund on the failed shoot. If you think they will be better on another day we will offer a 50% discount for a the same pet on another day
What if I need to cancel or rearrange the shoot?
You can cancelled or rearrange the shoot for whatever reason with no financial penalty up to 48 hours ahead of your shoot time. Shoots cancelled with less than 48 hours notice will not be eligible for a refund. Rearranged shoots with less than 48 hours notice will incur a 50% rearrangement fee
How can I pay for the shoot or prints?
We accept all major debit and credit cards
Can I order additional prints online in the future?
Can I order additional prints online in the future?
Purchased images from the shoot will be made available on a secure website for order of additional prints and wall art in the future. Digital download images will incur a £25 resupply fee if you lose the originals so please ensure that your images are backed up safe and sound in multiple locations.
When do I need to pay?
Payment for the photo shoot is required in full at the time of booking and is subject to our cancellation policy. Print and wall art orders will not be processed until payment has been made in full. Once an order for wall art has been received it cannot be changed
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