We love animals and are very proud to sponsor The National Welfare Trust with a percentage of all sales.
The National Animal Welfare Trust is an animal welfare charity founded in 1971, which operates no-kill rescue centres for animals and birds. It currently has branches in Watford, Berkshire, Essex, Somerset and Cornwall; and caters for a variety of animals, both pets and wildlife.
The production of our 2019 Charity Calendar is well on the way.
Our 20 gorgeous winners, chosen from thousands of applicants, have now been photographed!
Through your votes the 12 PAW-SOMEST candidates were chosen, 1 for each month of the year.
The calendars are being printed at the moment!
You order your calendar right now!
The A4 calendar cost £9.99, plus postage and packaging £2.50.
100% of all the Calendar profits will be donated to the National Animal Welfare Trust.
Click on the PAYPAL button below to order today!


“We’re incredibly grateful to Unique Underdogs for choosing to raise money for the homeless dogs at the National Animal Welfare Trust. Their generous support will go a long way towards helping homeless and abandoned animals in their search for a new family.”
Alex Spurgeon
National Animal Welfare Trust